Saturday, February 6, 2016

We have won over our first battle! What's next?

Thanks to all backers and supporters who have helped spread word about Seiyuu Danshi, the game got funded very fast, and it shocked us! Anyway, we have won our first battle thanks to you guys. What comes next? Let us enhance our game’s quality even more by unlocking the Stretch goals!
First goal, the custom OP track has been achieved! Yay! Thanks to all backers, Seiyuu Danshi will now have a custom, vocalized music, that is specially commissioned to match the overall game! The lyrics, the instrumental, ALL OF IT will be tailored to especially suit Seiyuu Danshi! Hurray! 
The next goal is another secret character! Who wants more guys to date? At the time this post is written, $8.125 has been reached, so there’s only several hundred bucks more left before we can enjoy one more (delicious) guy to date!  ^_^ 
While the third goal, the condom option, will give the game an interesting twist and addition, our main goal is definitely the giving the game voice-acting! Will our dear MC-kun get to hear his own voice inside the game? Will he be able to hear his favourite guys moan when they are teased during the foreplay mode? It’s all decided in this stretch goal! 
If all these stretch goals have been reached, we will be looking for even more things to improve inside the game! Together, let’s enhance the game quality (that we all deserve) even more!

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