Saturday, September 24, 2016

September Update

Been feeling guilty that I haven't updated the blogspot in forever... Will try to be more active here as well! :D
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Here comes the September Update! Also, it's half a year already since we started doing updates! Time passes by very fast!  (∩╹□╹∩)
Anyway, here is what we've been doing for this past month! =) 


This month, we've had a good progress done on the writing part. If you take a look at previous month's wordcount, it was only clocking at around 30K words.

End of August's wordcount
End of August's wordcount
Currently, the wordcount is at 56K words! (Yeah, which means I've written 26.000 words in just this month! Wow! :O)

Current wordcount~ =D
Current wordcount~ =D

Screenshots of the Amusement Park scene! =D
Screenshots of the Amusement Park scene! =D
My goal is to be able to finish Toshiyuki's route as fast as I could, and use his route as the base and example for other routes (in how many events need to be made for particular area).
Writing parts that have been completed include: 
  • Special day events (ONLY Toshiyuki's part) which includes his birthday event, training camp, beach date, hot spring, planetarium, amusement park, ski trip, etc). (Btw, forgot to make MC's birthday event... :<) => NOTES: Planetarium date ended up being shorter than I'd thought, so I've added an aquarium date as well to make up for it. 
  • Toshiyuki's before-lovers & after lovers (minus 2 scene which hasn't been written yet) spending time events 
  • Toshiyuki's after-lover "main conflict" scenes 
  • Toshiyuki's phone events & text messages 
  • Several dating events (18 out of 30) 
What has NOT been completed: Toshiyuki's best friend events (only few scenes), 2 spending time events, ending scenes


Done with Toshiyuki's text messages, so I would like to tell you guys more about it! Once you're lovers with someone, he will begin sending you texts every night. I call them the "routine texts".  The contents are mostly the usual "have you eaten yet?", "have a good sleep", etc, etc. 
 You MUST reply to the messages sent by your friend right after you've received them. If you reply to the message on the next day (or the next, next day), your lover will sulk and your Love Point will be reduced a little bit, so remember to ALWAYS reply to your boyfie's messages inside the game! (actually, you are free to apply that advice to your life lol) 


Added some more clothing pieces to the dress up system, which includes the clothes that the guys (Shiba, Tocchan, Hikaru, Toru, Shuu) have! This allows the player to purposely dress up the same as the obtainable guys in order to get more event! I also didn't forget to make the Backers exclusive clothing set! :D :D (No design yet for now!)



Check out our new logo! What do you guys think of it? ^_^

Our shiny new logo :)
Our shiny new logo :)

Also, we've started development of Seiyuu Danshi's website (which will be put in a subdomain of main meyaoi website). However, they are not yet exported to HTML format and is still inaccessible. We'll announce once they're available to be accessed! 

Vroom, vroom!
Vroom, vroom!

- CG ART! -

We have also made a good progress regarding CG art, thanks to the TWO talented artists we have found! <3 (The art progress is a collaboration between me and the artists. I edit the faces so art consistency can be maintained even with two artists! ^_^)
Some sneakpeeks of the CGs! (this is not all! (✪‿✪))



Finished recording the in-game footage to be shown during the video and currently in the process of editing them. Also, we've now set the date on when to begin the VA voting! Stay tuned in our official forum / social media / Kickstarter updates on more details regarding VA voting will begin on 1 OCTOBER. Mark the date! =D

We've got the DATE!
We've got the DATE!
Below is the voting distribution chart: 


Check out our Facebook (CLICK HERE) to enjoy live interactions and banters between Seiyuu Danshi's characters! (Psst... If you chat one of the guys, they might reply to you as well! xD) 

The guys making a ruckus in one of our post~
The guys making a ruckus in one of our post~

Shiba replied~! =O
Shiba replied~! =O

Hikaru and MC's interaction in MC's profile timeline =D
Hikaru and MC's interaction in MC's profile timeline =D

Anyway, that's all for this month's update! Thank you for all the support you've given during the development period :"D
We will be posting more details regarding VA voting on the OCTOBER 1st. Don't miss it and MARK THE DATE! ^_^

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Seiyuu Danshi’s voice acting audition has officially started!

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Hello guys! 
We are very happy to say that our Voice Acting public audition has started!

What is Seiyuu Danshi?
Seiyuu Danshi is an 18+ BL / Yaoi Visual Novel / Dating sim, with voice acting as its main theme. In this game, you'll play as a newbie voice actor who strives for the Seiyuu Award. On his way to reach his goal, though, he will still live his daily life and YOU get to make the choices on how he should spend the days.
The game was recently funded on Kickstarter. If you need more information regarding the game, feel free to check the Our Kickstarter Page & watch the trailer video below 

Load video

Here’s a brief description on features you can find in Seiyuu Danshi!




Are you guys interested in auditioning for one of the main casts of Seiyuu Danshi? Read below!


Please remember to follow the guidelines!
  • Title your e-mail "[Your name] - Seiyuu Danshi Auditions" 
  • Send the e-mail to both: and 
  • Check the recording requirements & file naming guide above.
Submissions that don't follow the guidelines won't be considered for the role, so please remember to follow the guidelines!
In this casting call, we are looking for voice actors for 5 of the main cast of Seiyuu Danshi. Below is their character profile AND audition lines.
1. Shibusawa Toshiyuki: we are looking for a medium-low voice range, with an authoritative-but-not-harsh intonation. He can become strict like a father and affectionate like a mother, and we're looking for a voice actor who can portray all of that.

2. Kamiya Hikaru: he has a medium range of voice, not too high nor too low, but he tends to use a cuter / higher version of his voice when he's in his "idol-mode". For him, we want a voice actor that can portray both his "idol self" and his "real self". Singing ability is a plus.

3. Shiba Ryotaro: he has a deep and masculine voice and he is often cast for cool roles like villains or handsome love rivals. However, his real is far from "cool". We want voice actors who can portray his cheerful, easygoing, and clumsy self while still having his deep and cool voice.

4. Nakane Shuu: He has a medium low voice range as well, although not as low as Shiba. His voice is mostly expressionless and rather robotic, however there are times when he's showing a slight change in emotion, and we're looking for voice actors who can portray that slight change.

5. Kazunori Toru: he has a soft and angelic medium high voice. He often gets cast as pre-pubescent boys for his voice acting jobs. He's shy, easily misunderstood, and really kind inside. We want voice actors that can portray the cuteness of his voice and his innocent self.


We will begin by screening out the submissions (audition lines) by 2 main criterias:
Technical side: whether the voice files meet the recording requirements or not
Character side: whether the voice suits the character or not.
Once we go through the first round of auditions, we will review what we have and pick a final set of people for callbacks. During this callback period, you might be asked to do more in-depth lines for these characters so we get to know more about your voice and other stuff.
Final cast will be determined by PUBLIC and BACKERS voting. More details about this will be disclosed after the screening phase has ended.

Payment for the role is $200 per role.
Below is the job description:


Don't forget to spread word about this audition to your friends, especially those who are voice actors, because the more people who knows about this, the better chance we will find the right one for each character! :)