Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tomorrow is finally the day!

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Tomorrow! Yes, it's TOMORROW!


Are you excited? Because we are!

Seiyuu Danshi's Kickstarter campaign will be launched on:
DATE: 3rd February 2016
TIME: 12:00 PST!

For those who are not in the PST timezone, you can use this nifty converter: http://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/ to find out what time it is for your timezone!

Note the date & time! You don’t want to miss the lucrative offers for early bird <3

Do you like physical goods and want to own Seiyuu Danshi's physical goods?
Well, now you can! Fortunately, our eldest sister (yep, we are 3 sisters, but only the two of us are involved in the game development) has the connection to make these items. Let's thank her together <3
You don’t want to miss these limited babies!


These goodies are Kickstarter-exclusive, meaning they won't be available to purchase post-Kickstarter.
There will be: Dakimakuras (1 design per character), 3D mousepad (unfortunately 1 design only since the minimum order quantity per design is a lot. The final design will be decided by voting), posters (1 design per character), keychain (1 design per character), physical boxed copy, T-shirt that is worn by the main character (the mouth is a pocket!), hard-cover artbook (which should contain high-res artwork of the game, sketches, behind-the-scenes, and bonus 4 koma chibi manga for each character), and other goodies which you can see more in the picture.
Do you want to become a character inside Seiyuu Danshi, design your own CGs, design date-able characters, or simply want to help more?
There are tiers that we make especially for these needs. These tiers are highly limited (limited to 1-2 per tiers), so don't miss it if you are interested!
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