Saturday, February 6, 2016

Help us decide!

Help us decide!
Thanks to the help of all backers and supporters, we have been fully funded in 9 hours! - something that has never come up even once in our mind before! We have WON our first battle, but is it over now? No, we still have stretch goals to achieve in the remaining ~40 days! The race is not over yet!
Stretch goals are a great way to further enhance the quality of the game - ONLY if it’s done right… and that’s what we need your help on! Help us decide what our next stretch goals should be by filling in this questionnaire! (Sorry, we love our questionnaires too much :p) 
Here’s the link to our questionnaire:
In the questionnaire, we would like to find out what goals truly matter to the players - to you guys - and we will add them to the next goals accordingly instead of deciding them by ourselves. 

Help us decide! ^_^

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