Thursday, March 10, 2016

9 more days! More stretch goals announced + some game updates!

Wow, time really flies, isn’t it? I still remember when the timer still displayed 44 days remaining… all of a sudden the number has gone down to just 9! :o We are sad and happy at the same time because we can 100% concentrate fully on the game development when our KS is finished.
Anyway, we have really gone through a lot… just take a look at this!

* typo trainning => training*
1, 2, 3, 4… 8! WOW, we have reached 8 stretch goals and on our way to reach (hopefully xD) our 9th goal! Due to feedback from some backers, we have decided to announce another batch of stretch goals to give one last push for this game! 
Here goes!

First, another date event! We can never have too many of those! :D

After that, a feature that is highly demanded by some… the option to decorate your room! Even without reaching this goal, we will still be changing MC’s room background, but if this goal is reached…. you can customize MC’s room to your liking!
And last…..

The body hair option! This feature is highly desired by some backers, but due to the difficulty of putting it into practice, we can only implement it if this goal is reached.
Well, that’s it! Are you guys excited? We hope so! <3 Anyway, let us move on to some game updates! Those following us on Twitter might see it already, but we will repost these again!

**We will be adding their nipples… We just forgot to do so***
We have also been working to get our forum up. Here’s what we have come up Please let us know what you think about it! We haven’t paid for this service yet, so if you have another reliable forum hosting (that costs less :p), let us know! <3
OK, I’ll finish talking for now.

9 REMAINING DAYS BEFORE THIS BATTLE ENDS! Let’s give it one final push, shall we? :D

Please help spread the word about this! We don’t have much time left :) 

Anyway, random scene using the brand new sprite. It doesn’t make any sense sorry.

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