Monday, January 4, 2016

Our Progress so far

We’re working on the actual one (the sexy CGs). When it’s done, we’ll post it here! 
Btw, big thanks to those who have spared their time to fill in our questionnaire before. We got so many feedback from you all, but, we still need more! So, if you haven’t filled it in yet, please spare just 3 minutes of your time to fill in the questionnaire and help Seiyuu Danshi be a better game! 
From the questionnaire’s result, we see that many of you wants to add a bulkier, hairy, and older middle-aged man. So, we have decided to add one middle-aged dateable secret character for you guys to enjoy! Of course, either to top or be topped, it’s your choice! 
We will need more feedback and opinion later for designing this secret character! After we make some rough sketches of this character, we will post here for you all to see and give comments on :)


  1. I also hope you guys rethink the other characters current designs. They are all really similar.

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  3. Hello! I am interested in your project and I have some questions about it. 1. How soon will you start your project backing on Kickstart? 2. Will you sell or publish the game in Japan? Thank you! Looking forward to your update.

    1. Hi! Thanks for the interest! :D
      For the answers to your question:
      1. It's not decided yet, but we hope to launch in 1-2 months, as soon as our demo is completed.
      2. For now, we haven't decided on anything, since selling the game in Japan will require us to translate the game to Japanese. Unfortunately, I can't do it since I don't know any Japanese ;_; But, if there is enough demand for it, I can probably hire a translator to fully translate the game in Japanese. However, we can't say for sure since the game isn't even completed yet xD

      Hope that answer your questions!
      Again, thanks for the interest ^_^

    2. Oh I am surprised that there are no Japanese in your team because the character style is so close to Japanese Yaoi game. I am interested in your members. It seems that you are not a big team. But I think you work well as you have website, forums and are continuously updating the game information.I want to know where can I find the artist blog or contact if you are willing to tell me. Do you notice that there are not many Yaoi game project on KS right now? Hope you will make it! ^-^

    3. Yes, the team only consists of two people, me and my sister. The artist of the game is also me, although, I'm thinking of commissioning other artists to help lessen the workload :D

    4. Your artwork is amazing! I am waiting for your progress!

    5. Oh there is a thing. Do you know that the porn material are prohibited on KS? How about your sexy CGs?