Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Seiyuu Danshi English YAOI/BL 18+ Games (Game Development #3- Navigation Map)

Hey guys, here’s a new update about the navigation screen. This is how you will walk around the town :)

The game is designed to have a time system, which have 7 days a week and 3 time periods: morning, afternoon, night, each day. Morning period is spent practicing in VA school, and you can have free time in the rest of the period. During free time, you can do lots of things, starting from visiting the love interests, taking on part-time jobs, go to stores to shop for things, and more! Each guy has a schedule of his own, so you might not be able to visit the same guy everyday.

That’s basically all the info about exploring the town. Next, I’ll post a mock-up about the dating system part (when you go on a date with the guy) that I’m currently designing (might not be that soon, though, since final assignments and final exams are waiting for me :/)

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